Angel Falls: Highest Waterfall In The World - Venezuela

The highest waterfall in the World ….

Salto Angel angel falls venezuela touristic attractionsAngel Falls is located in the Guayana highlands, and it is just one of the five great adventure regions of Venezuela. The water comes in a free fall of 979 meters from the Churum river hovering of the edge of the “Auyantepuy” Table mountain, this the largest Tepuy (table mountain) in Canaima Venezuela. This height makes it the highest waterfall in the world.


Angel Falls is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls with its total of approximately 52 meters. Continue reading “Angel Falls: Highest Waterfall In The World – Venezuela

Pirin National Park - Bulgaria

touristic attraction Pirin National Park BulgariaThere is no other mountain in Bulgaria, which influences in such a powerful and bold way the human eye. The marble giant peaks, the circus abysses and the emerald eyes of the lakes, the stars of the edelweiss, the whisper of the white firs and the song of the rivers make the memory of the Prinin Mountain unforgettable. Continue reading “Pirin National Park – Bulgaria