Casa Batlló - Barcelona - Spain

Casa Batllo Barcelona main facade
A simple reform of the facade, new distribution of the partition walls and an enlargement of the well of a building originally built in 1875, gave Gaudí the chance to undertake one of his most poetic and inspired artistic compositions. A stone thrown into a pond full of flowering water lilies would produce the same effect as that of the main facade of Casa Batllo, of an undulating surface covered with polychrome circles of glazed ceramics and different colored fragments of broken glass, the exact position of which Gaudí personally oversaw from the street.

Private strairs with form of a vertebrate spineThe double attic that culminates the facade has a twofold character: animalistic and legendary, having supplied people’s imaginations with the most outrageous interpretations of a supposed dragon fighting Saint George, although the Saint cannot be seen anywhere around, while in a small cylindrical tower which hides a spiral staircase, the anagrams are clearly seen of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in ivory-coloured  glazed ceramic, with the special Gaudian calligraphy, arranged helicoidally below a four-armed cross in Mallorca ceramics. The symbol is therefore of the Holy Family rather than Saint George. Continue reading “Casa Batlló – Barcelona – Spain

Bellesguard Tower - Barcelona - Spain

Bellesguard Tower main facade Barcelona 

In the high of the Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona the widow of Jaume Figueras had a piece of land on which stood some ruins of what was called the Royal Palace of Bellesguard, a country house ordered to be built by King Marti I of the Crown of Aragon in 1410 and which he gave the name Bellesguard  (beautiful view in English) at the request of his secretary, the poet Bernat Metge.

This is the palace where King Martí I married his second wife Margarida de Prades, a wedding officiated by the antipope Benedict XIII. For this historical reason Gaudi conceived a building inspired by late Catalan Gothic. Continue reading “Bellesguard Tower-Barcelona-Spain