Bellesguard Tower - Barcelona - Spain

Bellesguard Tower main facade Barcelona 

In the high of the Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona the widow of Jaume Figueras had a piece of land on which stood some ruins of what was called the Royal Palace of Bellesguard, a country house ordered to be built by King Marti I of the Crown of Aragon in 1410 and which he gave the name Bellesguard  (beautiful view in English) at the request of his secretary, the poet Bernat Metge.

This is the palace where King Martí I married his second wife Margarida de Prades, a wedding officiated by the antipope Benedict XIII. For this historical reason Gaudi conceived a building inspired by late Catalan Gothic. Continue reading “Bellesguard Tower-Barcelona-Spain

Palau Güell - Barcelona - Spain

Palau Güell – Barcelona – Spain

Palau Güell entrance Gaudi architecture Barcelona

It was built between 1886 and 1888. The constructive solutions provided by Gaudí are as varied as they are  unique. In the basement, totally built with brickwork mushroom-shaped columns and bricked vaulting, the stable were installed with a series of vents in the form of chimneys that carried the unpleasant smells up to the flat roof. The low part of the building was made with stone from Eusebio’s quarries on the Garraf coast. Continue reading “Palau Güell – Barcelona – Spain