Koishikawa Korakuen - Tokyo - Japan

koraku koishikawa korakuen gardens Japan touristic attractionKoishikawa Korakuen ( Koishikawa Korakuen) is one of Tokyo’s oldest and best Japanese gardens. It was built by close relatives of the Tokugawa Shogun in the early Edo Period.

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The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China – One of the greatest wonders of the world

great wall china travel

Length: 8,851.8 km (5,500 miles)
Construction Period: About 2,000 years from the Warring States Period (476 BC – 221 BC) to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Continue reading “The Great Wall of China

Temple of Heaven - China

temple of heaven panorama chinaThe Temple of Heaven is a worthwhile visiting place in Beijing. It is much bigger than the Forbidden City and smaller than the Summer Palace with an area of about 2,700,000 square meters. The Temple was built in 1420 A.D. during the Ming Dynasty to offer sacrifice to Heaven. As Chinese emperors called themselves ‘The Son of Heaven’ ,they dared not to build their own dwelling,’Forbidden City’ bigger than a dwelling for Heaven.

temple of heaven chinaThe Temple of Heaven is enclosed with a long wall. The northern part within the wall is semicircular symbolizing the heavens and the southern part is square symbolizing the earth. The northern part is higher than the southern part. This design shows that the heaven is high and the earth is low and the design reflected an ancient Chinese thought of ‘The heaven is round and the earth is square’. Continue reading “Temple of Heaven – China