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Palace of Parliament – second largest building in the world

Palace of Parliament Bucharest Rmania The Palace of the Parliament was built between the years 1984-1989 and it’s the largest administrative building in Europe. It is situated in the central part of Bucharest (the 5th sector), on the Arsenal Hill.

Palace of Parliament Largest Building in Europe Meant to be the crowning achievement of  ‘Centrul Civic’ or ‘Civic Centre’ – Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu‘s ambitious urban development plan – the Palace of Parliament represents one of the most extravagant and expensive building projects in the history of mankind; certainly of the last century. Palace of Parliament Romania Night View The dictator didn’t spare any effort, but the inside of the Palace was built in a completely luxurious manner: long stairs made of marble, ceilings with ornament laces, mosaics in diverse colors, rich-carved doors, many chandeliers and crystal lamps, carpets that were executed on special commands, beautiful furniture items and many other things. Palace of Parliament Interior

Ball Room Palace of Parliament Romania Bucharest

Big Marble Stairs inside Palace of Parliament

When the Revolution burst out, only a few rooms and the exterior part of the Palace were finished. After the Revolution the construction of the Palace lasted till 1997, when it became officially the Palace of the Parliament. Palace of Parliament View From AboveThe building has an area of 333.000 square meters and it is recorded on the second place in the Guinness Book of World Records in the section “Administrative Buildings”. The Pentagon takes the first place in the world in this respect. According to the same book, the Palace of the Parliament lies on the third place in the world, regarding its volume (2.550.000 cube meters). The first place is taken by the Assembly Building of the spatial rockets from Cape Canaveral (situated in Florida) and the second by Quetzalcoatl Pyramid from Mexico. The building is structured on 6 levels and divided in 21 parts. There are 1100 rooms, 440 of which are bureaus, more than 30 are halls, 4 restaurants, 3 libraries, a concert hall and 2 underground parking lots.

Palace of Parliament Balcony Constitutiei ViewThe building can be spotted from every corner of Bucharest and was regarded as a hideous building after the Revolution (many bad and weird things were said about it). Some people, out of revolutionary excitement, wanted the Palace to be demolished by dynamiting, because, they said it symbolized the past. Others thought that this building was useless and that a museum of Communism should be built instead. Eventually, it was even thought that the Palace of the Parliament was in fact a casino.

Constitution Square Bucharest RomaniaIn front of the Palace of the Parliament one may see the Constitution Square (Piata Constitutiei) (which is a place for shows, celebrations and parades) and after that the Unirii Boulevard (which was once called Victory of the Socialism), which Ceausescu wanted to be larger than Champs Elysees. The whole thoroughfare is full of various stone-made wells which are beautifully decorated. Their esthetic level drew a lot of controversies.

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