The Naval Port Prison - Latvia

What awaits you in the naval port prison

The Naval Port prison liepaja latviaThe Naval Port prison or guardhouse. The building was erected about 1900 and until 1997 it served as a place where military persons served their terms for breach of discipline. From the very first years of its existence, it was a place to break people’s lives and suppress their free will. As powers replaced one another, its prisoners changed as well: they included revolutionaries, seamen and non-commissioned officers of the tsarist army, deserters from the German Wehrmacht, enemies of the people in the Stalinist era, soldiers of both the Soviet army and the Latvian army and other rebels. The newest inscriptions on the cell walls by inmates date to fairly recently, 1997. Mysterious and inexplicable things have been noticed in the guardhouse: the rapping of footsteps, electrical bulbs that unscrew themselves, unaccounted for opening of closed cell doors… Yet encountering seeming apparitions in the prison halls has come as the most unpleasant surprise to many a visitor.

Tours of the prison

The Naval Port prison liepaja latviaThis is no ordinary museum. Here you will see a prison that has seen almost no change since the tsarist times, you will learn about the way inmates used to live, how a prisoner feels in the brig, you will be able to view a variety of captivating exhibitions, such as the living room of a Soviet citizen, the legacy of World War II, etc. You will be able to drop in at the prison canteen and purchase authentic Naval Port souvenirs from the Soviet-era buffet keeper. As part of the tour, you will have a chance to watch a 16-minute documentary telling about the construction and history of the Naval Port. At the end of the excursion, you will be able to change into military attire from different ages and take photographs.The Naval Port prison liepaja latvia

Behind Bars: The Show

The Naval Port prison latvia liepajaA historical interactive reality show involving the audience. Created on the basis of true stories from life in the Naval Port prison. The purpose and essence of the show is to give each participant an opportunity to live the part of a prisoner and learn about the most interesting and shocking facts from the history of the prison. Only those over 12 years of age and brave enough are invited to participate. Participants will be asked to sign a statement agreeing to the conditions of the show.The Naval Port prison liepaja latvia

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