Louvre Pyramid - Paris - France

The Architect of Louvre Pyramid is the Chinese-American I.M Pei. His creation is already world famous and would certainly become a part of the architecture history of Paris. Pei is a Pritzker Prize winning architect and is known as the last master of high modernist architecture. louvre pyamid wallpaper paris

The big pyramid in glass which raises in the middle of Cour Napoléon is surrounded by three smaller pyramids. The area between them is accentuated of shallow triangle-shaped basins in dark stone, which is lying a bit over the ground level. Fountains in the basins perfects the composition.The Louvre Pyramid paris

It was drew to make light to the museum entrance below and brighten up the ground level and the stone front surround it. The realizing use of both material and colors allow the sky and the water become a part of the composition.

The glass is a special design of Saint Gobain and was polished twice in France and Great Britain. It is fixed by a construction in stainless steel. The result is light and glistening, a balance between reflection and transparency against the heavy stone front, which is filled with the history of the centuries.Louvre Pyramid paris attraction

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