Attractions in Sirdal - Norway

Iron Age burial mounds sirdal Norway
Iron Age burial mounds

At Skeie, you will find the largest burial ground in Sirdal. Today, Skeie appears to be somewhat remote, but during the Iron Age it was a centrally situated area. The inhabitants were prosperous, and that is reflected in their burial customs.
The area contains more than 20 burial mounds, which were excavated by archaeologists in 1992. The burial mounds, which are made of stones from local fields, are built over cremation graves containing charcoal, ashes, burnt bones and other remains, jewellery, tools and earthen vessels. Skeie is easy to get to by car – it lies between Lunde and Lindeland on road rv. 468.

Sirdal Mountain Museum old house sirdal norwaySirdal Mountain Museum
Located in Kvæven, Sirdal Mountain Museum is worth a visit. The museum consists of a country courtyard, a panoramic cinema, and a permanent exhibition on life in Sirdal in the last century. During the summer season guided tours are offered.

Dorgefoss Waterfall sirdal norway touristic attractionsDorgefoss Waterfall
Dorgefoss is a waterfall located between Tjørhom and Omlid. Here you will also find a picnic area.

Reindeer in the SVR Conservation Area, NorwaySVR Conservation Area
A larger part of Sirdal is located in the SVR Conservation Area. This is where the southernmost wild reindeer breed in Europe has its home. The purpose of the conservation area is to maintain a large area where the reindeer can graze, and to minimise/control the disturbance made by humans.
You are welcome to visit the SVR Conservation Area, but please remember to follow the code of conduct: Take nothing but photos, kill nothing but time and leave nothing but footprints.

sirdal sky resortSira Kvina Hydro Electrical Power Development
Norway is among the few countries in the world which mainly rely on the supply of hydro electrical power. Sira Kvina represents one of the largest hydro electrical power developments in Norway, and Tonstad is Norway’s capital of hydro electrical power development. Guided tours in Tonstad power station are offered in summer – they will take you 700 metres inside the mountain, where you will find impressive machinery on marble floors.

 Sirdal sheep fair sirdal norway attractionSirdal sheep fair (Sirdalsdagane)
Do not miss the annual sheep fair in Sirdal, when 5,000 sheep stroll down the main road through the valley. Visit the market where you can buy local food and handicrafts and enjoy live music and parties. The fair has been held for more than 20 years and attracts more and more visitors each year.

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