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The highest waterfall in the World ….

Salto Angel angel falls venezuela touristic attractionsAngel Falls is located in the Guayana highlands, and it is just one of the five great adventure regions of Venezuela. The water comes in a free fall of 979 meters from the Churum river hovering of the edge of the “Auyantepuy” Table mountain, this the largest Tepuy (table mountain) in Canaima Venezuela. This height makes it the highest waterfall in the world.


Angel Falls is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls with its total of approximately 52 meters.

The local indians call it Kerepakupai-merú but is was named Angel Falls after Jimmy Angel, an American bush pilot and gold-hunting adventurer, who discovered it in 1937.
jimmy angels plane in museum venesuelaUnited States pilot Jimmie Angel was flying over the area in 1935 when he landed on the top of a lone mountain in search of gold. His plane got stuck in the boggy jungle on top of the mountain and he noticed a pretty impressive waterfall plunging thousands of feet down. He wasn’t too happy about the 11 mile hike back to civilization, and his plane remained stuck and rusting upon the mountain as a monument to his discovery. Soon the whole world would know about the falls, which came to be known as Angel Falls, after the pilot who “discovered” them.
Salto Angel angel falls venesuela The fascinating world of the National park in Canaima, is a perfect combination of magic and reality, with their impressive table top mountains called Tepuys, their countless rivers, lagoons, and water falls, forests and savannas distributed as a green sea, this atmosphere calls for a unique visit at least once in a lifetime.
The fascinating world of Canaima National Park is a perfect combination of magic and reality, shaped by breathtaking mountains called Tepuys, countless rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests and savannahs spread like a green sea, this environment calls for a visit at least once in life.Angel Falls clowd touristic attractions
In this gift of God to the nature you will find interesting plants and animals, sometimes endemic (unique in the world), also the Native Pemón, people with a culture, art, folklore and ancient cuisine.
This mosaic nature is a living testimony to the geographic history of our planet.
Canaima National Park is located in the south west of Venezuela, south of the Orinoco River in the municipality Gran Sabana of Bolivar State, was declared a national park on 12 June 1962 by the National Executive, in order to protect its attractions and conserve virgin for the rest of the world.
The park has 3 million hectares, making it the second largest protected area Venezuuela and sixth in the world. The real highest waterfall in the world is not permanent and is next to the Angel Falls it is called: La Catira.
The park is divided into two parts: West and East.Angel falls plane view touristic attractions
The western part is simply called Canaima and it can be reached by flights from Caracas, Margarita, Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar and Santa Elena.
Enjoy this privileged place with the highest waterfall in the world, the amazing Angel Falls. See the spectacular scenery in the Laguna de Canaima, with beautiful waterfalls, inviting you to swim and provoking you with its beautiful white sandy beaches surrounding the lagoon.
Angel Falls touristic attractionsIn the east there is the Gran Sabana, which can be reached by air or land. By air you fly to Puerto Ordaz and Santa Elena de Uairen, the last village in southern Venezuela, only 20 minutes from the border with Brazil and then start the tours.
This unique place gives you the opportunity to integrate with nature in a direct and real way. Ecotourism is par excellence with a world to be discovered.angel falls an aerial view touristic attractions

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