Latvian War Museum Important Tourist Attraction in Riga

Pulvertornis tower RigaLatvian War Museum has been established in 1916 as a museum of Latvian Riflemen and now is one of the greatest and oldest museums in Latvia.

Since 1919 the museum is situated in Pulvertornis tower of ancient Riga’s city strengthenings (14 century), one of 25 towers of fortifications, surrounded city in an antiquity.

Main entrance in the Latvian War MuseumBalcony on the main facade

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The Naval Port Prison - Latvia

What awaits you in the naval port prison

The Naval Port prison liepaja latviaThe Naval Port prison or guardhouse. The building was erected about 1900 and until 1997 it served as a place where military persons served their terms for breach of discipline. From the very first years of its existence, it was a place to break people’s lives and suppress their free will. As powers replaced one another, its prisoners changed as well: they included revolutionaries, seamen and non-commissioned officers of the tsarist army, deserters from the German Wehrmacht, enemies of the people in the Stalinist era, soldiers of both the Soviet army and the Latvian army and other rebels. The newest inscriptions on the cell walls by inmates date to fairly recently, 1997. Mysterious and inexplicable things have been noticed in the guardhouse: the rapping of footsteps, electrical bulbs that unscrew themselves, unaccounted for opening of closed cell doors… Yet encountering seeming apparitions in the prison halls has come as the most unpleasant surprise to many a visitor. Continue reading “The Naval Port Prison – Latvia

Liepaja - Latvia

lipeaja city panoramaLiepaja is an ancient city on the Baltic Sea east coast, located between the sea and Liepaja Lake, where people have been living for more than 750 years. Liepaja is a city of music and culture. Wander in the Northern Fort labyrinths by torchlight, explore for yourself the exotic nature of the Military Port’s architecture or the former prison, look at the art nouveau buildings in the city centre and the unique wooden architecture of the Seaside Park! liepaja guitar

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